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A woman wearing a surgical mask
A woman wearing a surgical mask

My Corona

From my perspective and probably yours, we’ve never experienced anything like this pandemic situation.  Whether you have contracted or been exposed to this virus, it doesn’t matter because we are all affected!   Many of you are locking down and limiting your exposure the best you can, which is a good thing.  Unfortunately, some of us still need to be out there.  

For me, I am considered an essential worker as an Uber/Lyft driver, offering my services to those that need to get places (I do continually disinfect my car during the day).  I kinda wish I could just sit inside and not drive, but I am happy to help others right now.  I deliver Doctor’s, Nurses, first responders, researchers, grocery & pharmacy store workers, patients and others that might need to get someplace important. In other words, I am not taking anyone to anywhere FUN!

No need to panic

The roads are quiet, there is no rush hour traffic (although there are cars on the road), and it takes no time to get from Beacon Hill to Roxbury or Quincy to South Boston.  People in general are a bit quiet & serious in my car. They are nervous and scared about what lies ahead… some may be in a panic stage.  Many people have lost their jobs, some are getting sick and sadly some are not making it! People seem somewhat addicted to listening to the media, but that doesn’t help the cause as it’s all negative.  ALL I can tell you is this is no time to PANIC!!!!!

Catalytic event 

This is a major event in our lives and as in all major events, there’s an aspect that represents a cycle of death and rebirth.  What I am trying to say is yes, there will be many hardships, but they will be temporary. We will beat this and we will come out the other side even better, stronger, wiser… different!  Panicking achieves virtually nothing except a lot of anxiety, and it is usually based on fear (of the unknown).  But we will survive this, the people that need financial support will get it. We have some of the best minds in the world working on stopping this virus, and if we are rational about this situation we might all come out a bit more kind to each other.

No panic here

Once you buy into the NO PANIC HERE mindset it’s best to try to just chill, absorb what’s going on around you, be positive, present and mindful.  Keeping a sense of humor is also helpful in keeping a healthy perspective on things.  Make a plan for generating income (be creative), debt relief, child care, unemployment or just staying sane. Have you made a plan? 

If you are hunkered down you can actually get a lot accomplished… for me (and I do stay in if I’m not driving) I’ve actually been accomplishing a lot: 

  • Chores around the house I haven’t had time for.
  • Online dating (it’s really cheap when you can’t go out).
  • Getting all my homework done for my certification program (and this I actually enjoy).
  • Discovering how much you can get done online (think I might one of the last to have figured this one out).
  • Improving your dancing skills (yep, you can actually rock it out at home with no one judging you).
  • At-home workouts to stay fit (this can be a tough one for a swimmer).
  • Getting back on track with my writing (which has been tough now that I’m in school).
  • Volunteering (there may be ways for you to help out while being safe).
  • Catching up on Netflix, Prime & HBO shows.

Taking the negative route never really works

There are a lot of of positive things to do. Staying positive & being kind has a snowball effect and attracts lots of good vibes.  I highly recommend it. What I don’t recommend are the negatives I see out there:

  • Hoarding supplies and food… Really? The things I have seen amaze me and with some good ole’ rationale thinking, there is just no need for it.
  • Stupid Thinking… Like not buying Corona beer because it’s connected to the virus. Really?
  • Rudeness/Short Tempers… It’s like the impatient driver behind you who crosses the double yellow line to speed past you, and then pulling up next to him at the next traffic light.  The opposite actions always seem to work best.

I’m sure you have your own stories to tell, but no matter what the future brings it will eventually end and we will all come out a little different on the other end… a total re-boot.  Hopefully, all for the better! 

*Names (locations & even gender) may have been changed to protect the innocent!!!

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Thanks for visiting my site and my blog, Driving Insights.
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