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"I’m so excited about everything I want to change in my life, but I just don’t know where to begin..."

We’ve all been there. Something happens in your life, you want to make changes, but you just don’t know where to begin. Maybe you’re troubled with painful thoughts, feel stuck or undeserving of something that has come your way, or you want to grow and challenge yourself in a new way.

These issues can appear in both your personal and work life. No matter the context, they affect us the same way. In either case, you realize you have hit a hard stop. Enough is enough. It’s time to make a move, to make changes, to move forward. It’s time to evolve into your true self!


Here are some common personal issues I help people with:

Personal issues can affect you in many ways, and you may find you are bringing your burdens into your work world as well.

As your life coach, I can help you work through these issues, so you can find resolution, peace and happiness once again.


Student/Campus Coaching

Going to College for many young adults is their first experience away from home and living on their own. Most college students are unprepared for this new living and learning experience. Data now shows how young people are facing more anxiety, depression & suicide than at any other time. It’s a time filled with so much decision-making, academic & peer to peer stress, and the pressures that life can bring. A life coach on campus can alleviate much of this stress and show students how to navigate college life and prepare for their life after college.

Students may not feel comfortable going to college advisors or counselors for many reasons, but a life coach is more approachable. Offering a life coach on campus is an innovative and pioneering move for colleges, and there are many advantages for making such a move. For starters, it shows students and their parents that you truly care about the mental wellness for those attending your college or university. A life coach can offer workshops & talk sessions about relevant issues facing young adults today. It will make your college standout as being proactive, innovative, and pioneering for supporting your student population in such a way. So what is holding your school back for making such a move? If you agree, then I invite you to reach out and schedule a complimentary introduction call to discuss student/campus coaching in greater detail.

Common Issues that Young Adults are Dealing With:


Employee Coaching is offered through your company as a benefit and support for employees. This service can be offered one or more days a week and takes place in person if local or through Zoom calls.
Here are some common work issues I help people with: